Globe rolls out local prepaid eSIM

Globe, a leading Mobile provider in the Philippines, ushers in a new era of sustainable digital connectivity with the rollout of its local prepaid eSIM.

The Globe Prepaid local eSIM focuses on convenience, eco-friendliness, and streamlined digital experiences, including a first-of-its-kind eSIM compatibility check to ensure customers’ devices are ready for the technology.

For only PHP99, the Globe Prepaid local eSIM not only facilitates a more convenient and efficient communication experience but also promotes an eco-conscious lifestyle by reducing reliance on physical SIMs, and completely eliminating the use of plastic and carded distribution of eSIMs.

The Globe Prepaid local eSIM caters to both iOS and Android device users, exclusively accessible through the GlobeOne app. This platform ensures a smooth and straightforward experience, allowing customers to download and install their eSIM right after purchase, doing away with physical SIM delivery.

The eSIM is easy to activate. iOS users can scan the QR code provided in their email using their phone’s camera or add the eSIM under “Cellular Plans” in their phone’s settings. Android users can scan the QR code through the “SIM Card Manager” in their phone’s settings. All subscribers are required to register their eSIM via the GlobeOne app.

Subscribers can also manage multiple profiles using different mobile numbers on a single device, enabling them to effortlessly switch lines for various purposes such as after-office activities, travel, or any other aspect of their lifestyle.

“Our transition to eSIM technology plays a pivotal role in our digital-first strategy, greatly reducing our ecological footprint while offering customers a seamless way to embrace digital connectivity,” said Eric Tanbauco, Globe’s Vice President of Mobile Prepaid Business.

The Globe Prepaid Local eSIM is exclusive to new Globe Prepaid mobile numbers. Globe is dedicated to enhancing its offerings and plans to enable the conversion of existing prepaid physical SIMs to eSIMs in the future.

To purchase a Globe Prepaid local eSIM, download the GlobeOne app and join Globe Prepaid in moving towards a more sustainable and digitally connected future.

To learn more about the Globe Prepaid Local eSIM, visit

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