Island Gas now in Iloilo, opens LPG distributorship in whole of Panay

Dominant LPG maker in Luzon launches Island Gas Iloilo, seeks distributors for the whole of Panay Island.

Island Air Products Corporation (IAPC) Group of companies has officially launched their top product Island Gas liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in Iloilo recently.

IAPC top executives came all the way from Manila to hold an Investors Night at Seda Hotel Iloilo on September 8. Businessmen, members of Iloilo media and bloggers, and other interested parties graced the event.

With its iconic yellow steel cylinder with red “ISLAND GAS” logo, the consumer brand has been a staple of many households and commercial establishments throughout Metro Manila, Southern Tagalog, Central and Northern Luzon, and Bicol Region.

Ellen Brillantes of Island Gas
Ellen Brillantes introduces Island Gas to Iloilo investors.

“Our tagline ‘Exact Weight is our Business’ is basically saying that we don’t engage in illegal refilling like some companies. Our customers patronize the product because of quality, exact weight, and exceptional service,” said Ellen Brillantes, IAPC Sales Director.

Island Gas has 13 refilling plants, 6 warehouses, 85 sales centers and almost 1,000 employees that’s ready serve its customers.

And for the first time after 40 years of excellent service, ISLAND GAS is opening its doors to Investors for further and faster expansion in Iloilo and the rest of Panay!

Erika Monastrial shares why LPG business is a good business.

Why invest in LPG business? Erika Monastrial, IAPC Marketing Manager, cited that it is portable, no spoilage concerns as it does not deteriorate over time, very versatile with over 1,000 applications, and cost-efficient.

“Not only that we are supplying LPG, but we have other products in the inventory such as LPG safety device, medical oxygen, acetylene, argon, compressed air, hydrogen gas, liquid carbon dioxide, kerosene, and fire extinguishers,” said Monastrial.

For those interested to be a Distributor, Island Gas has developed a Start-up Package that will equip you with the right tools to jumpstart your LPG Distributorship.

For more information, contact Island Air Products Corporation at their Main Branch in 137A Virata Street, Pasay City. Office Number 853-9161 to 68; Fax: 853-5311;

You may also feel free to email them at or message the following:

Iloilo City Government welcomes the entry of IAPC in the metropolis. Che Gavan, Local Economic and Investment Promotion Office (LEIPO) head, was present in the launching to represent the Mayor.

“We are certain that your company will set the trend in offering your clients the quality products at affordable prices. The Iloilo City Government hopes that you will always grow and prosper in the business scene, and you will continue to provide great opportunities to the Ilonggos,” Espinosa said in a statement read by Gavan.

Che Gavan
LEIPO head Che Gavan representing the Iloilo City Government.

“We look forward to working with you for fruitful partnerships toward sustainable and resilient development.”

Island Air Products Corporation is on its 40th year of serving the consumers need for quality and
safety. Its commitment to excellence is what makes ISLAND GAS a bankable business partner & simply the better choice.

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