Recto moves to abolish CPD Law

Sen. Recto heeds the clamor of Filipino professionals to repeal the CPD Law.

Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto said that the passage of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Law was a mistake, and he is moving to file a bill that will repeal it.

“I will be introducing a bill that will repeal Republic Act 10912, or the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Law. Like many pieces of legislation, its intention was good, but not its implementation,” Recto said in a press statement.

The CPD Law, authored by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and was enacted into law in 2016, requires all professionals under the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) to earn credit units and submit it for renewal of license card or the Professional Identification Cards (PIC).

Many professionals find the law unnecessary and burdensome, primarily due to expensive costs of seminars and training one has to undergo to earn CPD units.

“Senate offices have been bombarded by appeals from professionals in all disciplines, from all over the country, especially teachers and nurses, who protest against the hurdles in getting CPD credits and their PRC licenses renewed.”

“A large nurses alliance, for example, complained that nurses lack the money and the time to complete the 45 CPD units which can cost between P15,000 to P30,000. In one online poll reportedly conducted by the PRC, 90 percent of the respondents want CPD abolished,” Recto said.

The lawmaker added that “pulling the plug on the CPD experiment should give all of us time to ponder other means of improving professional competence without the coercive force of the CPD model.”

“I am confident that together, we can find a system for professional development that will be embraced by all without the disruptions, inconveniences and the high expenses the present one causes.”

“At a time when red tape is being shredded, rules simplified, the period of validity of licenses lengthened, I.T. maximized for remote transaction and even online learning, compulsory requirements of dubious value like CPD go against this trend.

“It is time for Congress to heed the clamor of 3.2 million registered Filipino professionals to unburden them of this law,” he concluded.

Last month, Senator Joel Villanueva also said that he will move for the amendment of CPD law, particularly on lowering the required units for each profession and extending license validity from 3 to 5 years.

As the author of the law, Sen. Trillanes is also concerned on the numerous complaints he has been getting regarding the implementation of the law, but insists that the measure is important “to meet global standards and be updated with the latest trends and best practices.”

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  1. How about providing more CPD oportunities in many areas and for free? That would have been better. I still believe everyone needs to participate in any form of professional development. In the school where I am working at the moment, CPD is compulsory and we give it every single week to all teachers. We take so much effort to know what their needs are and prepare for these sessions. We share our understanding among each other, collaborate, discuss and sometimes argue. As professionals, I think that is what we need, to be able to sit down with another who can make us think differently and see our profession in a different perspective.

  2. correct move, senator (recto)… other things many don’t know is that these supposed cpd programs do not really contribute knowledge to many attendees who just attend for certification purposes only and not to mention possible corruption (from fees and sponsors) by the organizers.

  3. Okay lang naman na may CPD units kahit papaano kase nagkakaroon ng refreshment sa mga bagaybagay specially kapag may updates sa profession. Pero sana din mas mababa ang hahabulin na units per renewal or mas mababa ang halaga ng bawat training, yung iba may pamilya pa din na pinakakain sa mahal ng kada isang training.

  4. Well if the senator will read this comment, maybe it will help them.

    CPD Actually has its good intentions. To refresh the mind of the filipino professional. Sometimes we are bound to do a routine in our respective field. BUT, To get CPD Units, a professional need to give their precious time, and money.

    I suggest that they continue CPD BUT make some revisions like: the company of the employee will subsidize the registration with pay.

  5. CPD is irrelevant and would never surpass the Master’s Degree, Doctorate and other Graduate studies. How come it became a law passed by a person who is never a professional by the said commission? Feel first the burden of those who possessed license and you cannot even have time to comply it. This should be repealed and better abolished for the reason on inappropriate Law!

  6. To Sen. Trillanes: We have the best practice in the Philippines. We do’nt have is the salary to make CPD practical. Online learning is more accessible (youtube and other online medium). Please abolish it
    Physical Therapist

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