9 easy steps in renewing your PRC ID with CPD

The implementation of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) units requirement has changed the process of renewal of license/ Professional Identification Card (PIC), leading to hassle and confusion among professionals.

CPD Act of 2016, authored by Senator Antonio Trillanes III, was enacted into law last year and has started taking effect this July 2017 for some professions, while the rest will comply with it this January 2018.

The law requires professionals under PRC to have certain number CPD units for renewal, and these units may be earned by attending CPD programs and activities such as seminars, trainings, etc. which are seen by many as additional burden.

This programs and activities must be accredited first by PRC CPD Councils, making the process more complicated for many. Also, there is an online system for application which make it more uncomfortable for those who are not internet-savvy.

In view of this, PRC came out with a chart that simplifies the process flow of renewal transactions for all regulated professions.

Here are the steps that will serve as guide in your PRC renewal:

1. Prior to renewal of PIC, ensure that you are compliant with the CPD requirements.

2. Visit PRC website at www.prc.gov.ph to set up an application for renewal of your Professional Identifcation Card (PIC).

3. If you DO NOT HAVE an account please REGISTER by-filling out the information needed and by clicking the SIGN UP NOW button. If you ALREADY HAVE an account then please SIGN IN by entering your e-mail address and password.

4. After you SIGN IN, you will be asked to provide additional information to complete your PROFILE.

5. If your PROFILE is complete, SELECT TRANSACTION and choose RENEWAL.

6. Choose the LOCATION on WHERE you want to claim your PIC.

7. Choose an APPOINTMENT DATE on WHEN you want to claim your PIC.

8. Choose PAYMENT OPTION from the following channels: Bayad Center / MultiPay / 7-Eleven / ECPay

9. Once the payment has been verified, go back to your account, print the renewal form and present it to the PRC registration officer including proof of CPD compliance upon claiming of PIC.

How about those OFWs working abroad? For nurses, PRC will accept CPD programs they have attended in their countries of employment, at a maximum of 20 units per year (which is enough because they are only required 15 per year.)

They will need to submit Current contract with the foreign employer and the Certificate of CPD program they attended. PRC will accept it under the Self-Directed and/or Lifelong Learning Track, which costs P1,000 per application.

Hope this PRC renewal guide will make your processing for that PIC a breeze! Please share to all professionals! (Source: PRC)

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  1. How about nurses studying nursing abroad, is it considered as lifelong learning? I think it is still continuing professional development.

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