Globe ensures data privacy and info security of customers

Globe is intensifying its efforts in ensuring that data privacy and information security of customers is not compromised, now that over 80 million clients are shifting their activities online.

Being a company that holds information of customers, Globe continues to strengthen its measures to safeguard customer data, reassuring them that their information is always safe and secure.

“We are our customers’ partner in asserting their privacy rights. We believe that strict compliance with privacy and security policies is a critical factor in ensuring safe and secure communications for our customers. We continue to push forward privacy and security initiatives through different touch points to protect customers and their families from identity thefts and scams,” said Atty. Irish Salandanan-Almeida, Globe Data Protection Officer.

Globe has simplified its Consumer Consent Statements to make it easier for customers to understand their privacy rights and how their information is being handled. They are also regularly updated on the latest threats such as online scams, social engineering, and other related schemes and what they can do to avoid falling to these illegal activities.

Internally, Globe also follows a standard and automated Privacy and Security Risk Assessment (PSRA) process for all projects and initiatives, regardless of size, scope, or complexity. This aims to protect and secure the organization’s infrastructure, applications, and data from identified risks and to manage risk exposure from third-party vendors providing IT products and services.

Aside from policy compliance, creating an environment that helps employees understand the importance of privacy and security is also vital to the delivery of Globe’s promise to serve as champion of customer trust and privacy rights.

“We want to equip our employees with the knowledge needed to comply with the Data Privacy Act and our Privacy Policy to enable them to securely collect, handle, and process customer information that was entrusted to us,” Salandanan-Almeida said.

All Globe employees are required to complete the Data Privacy and Information Security learning modules to ensure the understanding and practice of the policies under the Data Privacy Act, Privacy Policy, and Globe internal policies. As of 2020, 76% of employees have completed modules that talk about safe web browsing, protection against ransomware, mobile device and email security, among others.

Frontliners – the ones who have direct access to customer information – are also given special training on data privacy. Reminders are regularly sent to keep them aware of how critical protecting customers’ data privacy is and the consequences of not being able to follow standard guidelines.

Security standards are shared and practiced across Globe and its affiliates namely: 917Ventures, AdSpark, Asticom, GCash, ECPay, Cascadeo, Kickstart, KonsultaMD, Third Pillar, and Yondu. Globe formed a council composed of the Chief Information Security Officers and Data Protection Officers of the member-companies to calibrate privacy and security standards.

Early this month, Globe held the Information Security and Data Privacy Virtual General Assembly. Security and data privacy experts from different organizations shared information and best practices with over 1,500 Globe employees and partners.

Information security and data privacy are the backbones of safe communications. Globe has created dedicated channels to continue to raise awareness and address related concerns. Customers may learn about the company’s Privacy Policy at or send an email to should they need assistance.

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