Salaries under 2018 DOH Deployment Programs

One of the major factors that draws health workers (especially nurses) to the DOH Deployment Programs is the salary rate, which is higher compared to what they would be earning in private sector or even in government hospitals.

Former Department of Health secretary Paulyn Ubial emphasized this factor during media interviews, announcing then that nurses under NDP will get around P29,000. But the latest reports show that they will be getting more than that!

I’m posting the proposed monthly salaries for 2018 DOH Deployment Programs, which has started recruiting nurses, doctors, dentists, midwives, medical technologists, pharmacists, family health associates, public health associates, and universal health care implementers in the regional and provincial offices of the health department around the country.

This is still proposed salaries as the DOH Budget for the program, which is at P9.7 billion for calendar year 2018, is not yet approved.

Physician Augmentation Deployment Project (PADP) – P56,610
Dentist Deployment Project (DDP) – P34,781
Nurse Deployment Project (NDP) – P31,765
Universal Healthcare Implementers Deployment Project (UHCIDP) – P29,010
Medical Technologist Deployment Project (MTDP) – P29,010
Pharmacist Deployment Project (PDP) – P29,010
Public Health Associates Deployment Project (PHADP) – P22,149
Family Health Associate Deployment Project (FHADP) – P26, 494
Rural Health Midwives Placement Program (RHMPP) – P20,179

Around 25,000 of these health workers will be deployed in rural health centers, birthing clinics, barangay health stations, and other facilities in grassroots level.

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Again, this is not yet official and still subject to change, but at least you get an idea on how much you will be getting once accepted in the program. I’ll update the post once the official guidelines are out.

I’ve been following this deployment program since 2011 when NDP for nurses started as RN Heals program. That P31,000 monthly salary is really a significant spike from the P8,000 allowance they were getting by then.

If you are one of the health workers qualified under this DOH Deployment Programs 2018, apply now at a Regional Office near you! Please share this great news to fellow health professionals.

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