Salaries under the 2019 DOH HRH Deployment Program

Department of Health (DOH), through its regional offices now called Centers for Health Development, is currently hiring health workers for Human Resource for Health (HRH) Deployment Program 2019. Check below for salaries of respective cadres under the program.

DOH HRH Deployment Program is an annual hiring and deployment of nurses, dentists, midwives, medical technologists, pharmacists and other allied health workers to geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas (GIDA) and other poor communities in the country.

Starting 2019, the salary rate of these HRHs will follow the 4th and final tranche of Salary Standardization Law. Funding will come from national budget allocated for Office of the Secretary of Health, under Personnel Services and Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses appropriations.

Those cadres funded under Personnel Services (PS-Contractuals) will get Magna carta benefits, while those under MOOE (Job Order) will receive additional 5% premium (based on Joint Circular No.1, s. 2017).

Here are the allocated positions, and their respective monthly salaries plus benefits:

Personnel Services – Contractuals

Medical Officer IV (Doctors) – SG 23: P85,180
Dentist II – SG 17: P49,428
Nurse II as NDP – SG 15: P41,414
Pharmacist II – SG 15: P41,414
Medical Technologist II – SG 15: P41,414
Nutritionist-Dietitian II – SG 15: P41,414
Midwife II – SG 11: P29,193

MOOE – Job Order

Nurse II as PHA – SG 15 + 5% premium: P32,057.55
Physical Therapist – SG 8 + 5% premium: P17,595.90

Based on the figures above, only nurses under Nurse Deployment Project (NDP) will receive a slightly lower salary compared to this year’s rate. Currently, NDP nurses is getting P31,765 monthly which is Salary Grade 16 in SSL 3rd tranche.

DOH is also hiring rural health physicians under the Doctors to the Barrios 2019 program, with Salary Grade 24 currently at P73,299 but will be at P83,406 on SSL 2019 4th tranche. They will also receive Magna Carta Benefits for Health Workers. Check here for application details:

In his recent pronouncements, health secretary Francisco Duque III said that the DOH will hire around 28,000 health workers under the HRH Deployment Program for 2019.

Duque said that Department of Budget and Management (DBM) has restored their budget, and about P16 to P17 billion in funding for the 28,000 positions in the HRH program will be charged against the Miscellaneous Personnel Benefits Fund (MPBF).

Recruitment and selection for qualified health workers under the HRH Deployment Program 2019 is now ongoing and being handled by DOH regional offices.

So if you are interested, visit the DOH offices in your locality or check their respective website.

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