It’s a go for Civil Service online exam this 2021

Civil Service Commission (CSC) is looking to conduct Civil Service Online Exams this 2021 after most of the pen and paper tests were canceled due to pandemic.

Civil Service Exam or CSE-PPT is a general ability test designed to measure an individual’s preparedness to enter government service. Passing the CSE would result in the conferment of either Professional or Subprofessional eligibility. This eligibility is needed in the conferment of permanent appointment to positions in the government except those that involve the practice of the profession or are covered by special laws.

CSC Commissioner Aileen Lizada said in a media interview that the plan to go online for Career Service Eligibility (CSE) test is already a go. It is in line with the Commission’s 120th-anniversary theme of ‘Digitization.’

“For the safety of the examinees and proctors, and in line with the CSC’s mandate, we deem it best to restructure the pen and paper test and convert it to online exams,” Lizada said.

Career Service Examination – Paper and Pencil Test (CSE-PPT) are conducted twice every year, usually during March and August. Both schedules were canceled last year due to the COVID-19 threat. This has affected some 293,000 examinees who were supposed to take the CSE-PPT in 66 locations nationwide last March 15.

CSC Commissioner Aileen Lizada on Civil Service Online Exam.
CSC Commissioner Aileen Lizada on Civil Service Online Exam. Photo by UNTV.

Lizada added that the shift to an online exam will make it easier to administer the tests more frequently.

“If we are online already, we no longer need to send test booklets by planes for distribution among regions, and there wouldn’t be as many proctors in the classroom,” said Lizada.

It will also open the possibility for Filipinos abroad to take the exam since it will be accessible anywhere as long as there is the internet.

Palace supports civil service online exam

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said that they are in full support of going online for civil service exams as part of the new normal.

“Kaya po yan, kakayanin po natin yan. Kung kinakailangan nating kalampagin ang mga telecoms company, gagawin po natin yan,” Roque said in a press briefing.

The President has already mandated the local chief executives fast track the approval of permits of telecoms company for the installation of more towers around the country.

“Wala na pong magiging dahilan ang telecoms company kung hindi nila ma-improve ang ating telecoms facilities and connectivity,” he added.

How to apply for civil service online exams

No details yet on the registration and application of civil service online exams as the CSC is still in the preparation stage for its administration.

“Ongoing po ang discussions ng Examinations, Recruitment, and Placement Office (ERPO) ng CSC, ang in-charge sa pagbibigay ng exams,” Lizada said. They have already discussed the plan with the regional offices, including the transition period for the digital shift.

I will update this post as soon as we already have the relevant details and update on this mode of exam.

Aside from the paper and pencil tests, CSC also conducts computerized exams or COMEX but these are only administered in select regional offices of the agency.

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